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The following games or a selection of them are presented “carnival style” in decorated stalls. Prizes can be provided if needed and can be quoted separately.

  1. Tin Can Shy – Ready, aim, throw at target of stacked tin cans with a tennis ball or bean bag.
  2. Boulle – Throw a boulle (heavy tennis sized ball) at a jack similar to the game of bowls.
  3. Fishing – Fish for fish in a water tub for points. Depending on age either a hook or magnets are used.
  4. Hoop La – Throw hoops over stakes on a stand for points or throw hoops over prizes.
  5. Pop the Balloons – Throw darts at a board covered in different coloured balloons for points.
  6. Putting – Putt the golf ball into a target for points.
  7. Paint Ball Target Shooting. – Shoot at a target with a paint ball gun. Must be supervised.
  8. Table Tennis Pong – Bounce a table tennis ball into cups filled with water for points.
  9. Chicken Toss – Lots of laughs as you throw chickens into rotating pots.
  10. Garden Darts (no stall provided)
  11. Giant Dominoes (no stall provided)
  12. Giant Pick-Up Sticks (no stall provided)
  13. Limbo (No stall provided)
  14. Giant Jenga (Hi-Tower) (no stall provided)
  15. Giant Ludo (no stall provided)
  16. Giant Snakes and Ladders (no stall provided)

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Boulle, Chicken Toss, Fishing, Garden Darts, Giant Dominoes, Giant Jenga, Giant Ludo, Giant Pick-Up Sticks, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Hoop La, Limbo, Paint Ball Target Shooting, Pop the Balloons, Putting, Table Tennis Pong, Tin Can Shy